Build Your Career With Mirror Trade.

Mirror Trade

Mirror Trading Is A Methodology Of Trade Selection Used Primarily In Forex Markets. It Is A Strategy That Allows Investors To Copy The Trades Of Experienced And Successful Forex Investors And Implement The Same Trades, In Almost Real Time, In Their Own Accounts.


Mirror trade is an our recommended (Broker page main menu) service that allows you to duplicate orders of successful traders even when you are away from your trading terminal. It takes  just a few minutes to set up automatic copying of the trader’s activity. Alternatively, it takes the same few minutes to set up an account for others to be able to copy trades from you.
One of the advantages of the Mirror trade system is its reliability. The follower can fully control the situation, as the money stays on his account. He can customize the settings and even manually cancel copied orders if they seem potentially unprofitable. The account and funds are entirely under control of the client, which ensures that no action can be performed with the money without their owner’s consent.


Ø Easy earnings for beginners in the Forex market

Ø A large selection of Copy Traders with full and transparent statistics

Ø The minimum deposit required to start copying is as low as $10

Ø Trading takes place on your account and you completely control the process

Ø A flexible payment scheme (including payments covered by the company)

Ø An opportunity to follow trader, minimizing the risks

Ø A possibility to define a ratio for copying and other settings on your own