PAMM Shareholder

PAMM Shareholder

"We are continuously growing 15-25 percent monthly with our PAMM system. Invest this system minimum $1 to unlimited"

"Become shareholder in this money pool, in broker page. Its based on profit sharing."

What is PAMM?

PAMM (percent allocation management module)forex system gives an opportunity to invest in forex projects. Every customer of this project company can accept forex investments from other traders or invest funds in PAMM forex accounts and become a shareholder of this account.

Forex advisor PAMM forex system includes one categories of users:
customers who registered their accounts with the 
PAMM forex system as investor investors use the system of PAMM 
forex account in order to invest in forex their funds in trader accounts with the purpose of taking a part of profit made by traders. The process of forex investing implies the transfer of funds under the company's control which entitles an investor to a share in a trader account proportionate to the forex investment.

How To Use It?

Do you want to invest in other professionals on forex? Then you only need to have a trading account with Forexadvisor recommended  (broker page main menu). You may pass to the second step of registration. If not, take the first step of the detailed instruction:

Registration of a live trading account with (0)broker page main menu open live account after a trading account is registered, authorize in client cabinet and click on the PAMM system link in the left menu of client cabinet. You will be offered to choose your status in the PAMM system - investor or trader (you may open  accounts: the one for PAMM investor).

After filling in the application form of the PAMM system in client cabinet, you will become a full-fledged user of the PAMM system.

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